Active Hedge becomes an “Active” partner of the asset manager’s team. The company works with asset managers to develop new strategies for offshore offerings. Together with the asset/fund manager Active Hedge assists with the initial structuring of an offshore hedge fund or private equity vehicle. With its professional advisors, the Company co-ordinates all legal and accounting requirements necessary for the proper structuring of an offshore fund.

Once structuring is completed Active Hedge, in partnership with the fund manager, prepares marketing and sales materials properly portraying the funds attributes, historical performance and management’s abilities. When the marketing material is complete, Active Hedge works with its network to provide seeding, institutional funding, and private client or high net worth individual placements.

Ongoing investor service is provided through email and news updates, market reports and client liaison with the fund managers. Quarterly investor presentations are arranged throughout Europe and in New York. Site visits and conference calls are arranged on an ongoing basis. Throughout the year Active Hedge also takes part in the audit function of the funds, providing administration assistance and corporate communication to investors on behalf of the funds and the funds’ managers.

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